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Ready To Add Coffee To Your Bakery Or Mobile Food Truck? What Brews To Get

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If you want to have a mobile service that delivers donuts and fresh pastries, like a food truck, and you also want to have some high end coffee brews to attract people to your truck, there are some things that you'll want to consider getting. People can be very specific about their coffee, their tastes and what they like to enjoy. Here are some of the options you want to have with you when you are putting the morning pastries and treats out for sale, and things that people will want to see.

Organic Brew

You want to look into organic coffee options, because there will be who will want to know that they are drinking coffee that comes from organic beans, and coffee that is chemical and dye free. Having a couple of different options to make your dark and light brew drinkers happy is best, and make sure you have information about the beans for anyone that wants to look at it.

Decaf and Tea Options

Even though one person may drink coffee to jump start their day, another may do it just because they really enjoy the taste of coffee. For the people that are drinking for the taste, or the person who is looking for something other than coffee, look at some decaffeinated tea and coffee options. This way you can get the caffeine and non-caffeine drinkers into your store.


People are often looking for new flavors of coffee to try, so they can change up the taste of their morning drink. Some popular options to try include:

  • Hazelnut
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberry

Mixing blends can also give the taste of a very sweet treat, or something that is fruity and nutty at the same time. You have to determine how many pots you want to brew a day.

Food trucks are all the rage right now and they are a great way to make money. If you have a bakery or some type of mobile food service and you want to have some gourmet coffee at your truck, or even in your commercial location, these are some of the coffees you want to have to help get coffee drinkers and pastry eaters at your location. You can order the high end coffee that you need in bulk, and see which flavors sell the fastest before you decide to order and brew more. Ask for customer comments to see what everyone prefers. 

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