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Common Applications Of Coastal And Marine Recycled Plastic Textiles

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As the focus on utilizing more sustainable materials continues to act as a leading priority for many manufacturers of textiles, the practice of creating new products from coastal and marine recycled plastics has grown in popularity during recent years. By completely transforming the plastic waste and litter found in oceans and other waterways, manufacturers can fabricate quality textiles and materials that are also highly beneficial for the environment. The typical applications for these fabrics are quite broad. Here are 3 common ways that coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are used today.

1) Clothing and Footwear

Many textiles that have been generated from coastal and marine recycled plastics are utilized in the production of clothing and footwear. The knit fabrics are generally formed by melting down the plastic litter and spinning it into yarn and other types of textiles. This environmentally-friendly material is then used in the design and full construction of a variety of wearable items. For example, these fabric manufacturers specialize in the creation of denim, bathing suits, work uniforms, and outerwear from recycled plastics. Since the fabric is made from such a durable material, the clothing offers high performance quality for daily use. Similarly, shoes are also assembled from these plastics. Athletic sneakers, casual shoes, and business-appropriate footwear can all be made from coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles. You can find information on these type of materials at and other sites. 

2) Upholstery and Window Coverings

Items that are found inside residential homes and commercial buildings are fabricated from these plastics as well. The materials are often used on furniture upholstery, bedding, and window treatments. The main reason for this is because the fabrics are naturally lightweight and practical while also providing tough resistance to flames, stains, and bacterial buildup. The materials are commonly selected by customers that are looking for sustainable fabrics with good functionality. Overall, the sturdiness and strength of coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles make them a reliable option for numerous purposes in locations such as hotels, office settings, and hospitals. 

3) Luggage and Bags

Another popular way that coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are used is in the fabrication of luggage and bags. The fabric is favored for luggage and bags due to its ability to maintain its structural integrity over long periods of travel. As a result, soft styles of luggage and hard-shell alternatives are both made from marine plastics. Backpacks and purses can be produced from the materials too. The recycled plastics are formulated in a diverse range of colors, designs, and patterns, so the bags are aesthetically pleasing and tailored to various tastes. This allows for the creation of unique items that people are able to use every day.

Coastal and marine recycled plastic textiles are instrumental in making a worthwhile impact on the environment. The innovative products that can be created from these plastics can help textiles manufacturers ensure that ocean litter will never go to waste.