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Why Every Steak Lover Has To Try Wagyu At Least Once

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Steaks are an American classic, and millions of people enjoy them every week all across the country. But often the way you cook them, or the ingredients you use, are quite similar, with most people happy to just eat the steak they know and love without expanding their horizons. There is a whole world of rich texture and flavors out there in the steak world, and nowhere is this more clear than with Wagyu beef. Here are three reasons why every steak lover simply has to try Wagyu beef at least once.

Exploding With Flavor

When cooked properly, Wagyu beef is second to none in regards to flavor. This is because it has a much higher fat content than most traditional steaks, but not in the way you might think. The fat is not all in large clumps like it is on many American steaks, but it is marbled throughout the steak. You can see it when you look at the actual steak, as it has little lightning patterned streaks of fat all throughout the beef. Fat is the key to flavor, but only when it is present in the correct forms like it is in the Wagyu beef.

Very Different Texture

If you are a fan of the whole culinary experience, then texture can be just as important as the flavor itself. How your beef feels as you chomp down on it is critical in a good eating experience. Wagyu beef is some of the most tender meat that you can find outside of slow-cooked roasts. You can slice through it like butter, and it feels just as juicy and soft in your mouth. Many people cannot go back to regular beef steaks the same way after they have had Wagyu, so be careful when trying it as it may become your new favorite!

Home Grown

While Wagyu beef originates from Japan, the special cattle from which Wagyu beef is made have been exported all over the world. Texas Wagyu beef is perhaps the most famous place to source it from in America, and there are many ranches that specialize in this growing market trend. If you like supporting local businesses and don't like the idea of your meat being flown all around the world for days after production, then wagyu beef is perfect!

For more information about Wagyu beef for sale, reach out to a local butcher or cattle farm.