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Cremation Services

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Planning how a loved one will be laid to rest is never easy to do alone. There are many different options available today for both burial and cremation services. Many people are choosing not to bury their loved ones in local cemeteries. This may due to the loved one's personal choice while they were living. Some families are choosing cremation for environmental reasons, due to the harsh chemicals from embalming that eventually drain into the soil. Here a few ways that cremation services can be used to honor a loved one. 

Many families are not as tied to certain locations as they were in previous generations. They may have not purchased any land for burial, nor do they have an estate with free land. Cremation services are a portion of the cost of a traditional funeral and burial. Some families may want to have a memorial service at their church, temple, or funeral home. The viewing can still be performed so the family can honor their loved one. The viewing will require embalming and purchasing a casket in many cases. The body can then be cremated after the memorial services are finished. The cremation eliminates the cost for purchasing a burial plot.  

Another option is having the memorial service after the cremation. The ashes will be delivered to the family; inquire about fees for delivery of the ashes. The urns that are nice enough to display are not included in the cremation fee. Many cremation service providers to do have urn rental available so the ashes can be displayed during the memorial service in an ornate urn. 

Speak with the funeral director for information on local gardens and places in the city where it is safe to scatter the ashes. The most important aspect of the funeral is the way the deceased is remembered. The funeral home often will have several service options available for different religious or belief preferences. Find out the options for having the urn delivered after the memorial service to its place of rest. This could be a partial delivery to the family member and to a vendor who will make jewelry from the ashes. Some families choose to use urns that are biodegradable so they can plant a memorial tree with the ashes. 

When in doubt about how to plan cremation services, simply reach out for help. These professionals have helped numerous families though this challenging time and will have solutions. Reach out to the cremation services provider to discuss all available options.