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Folding Carton Boxes: An Intro To Common Features

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Picking the proper folding carton boxes for your products is ever-important. Cartons or boxes are tasked with offering protection to the product, both during shipment and during display. Here is a look at some of the common features you may come across as you order your own folding cartons. 

Double-Side Wall Internal Lining 

Some folding carton boxes have what is referred to as a double side-wall on the interior, which can be really good for products that could be vulnerable to damage if something were to strike the outside of the box. The double side wall is folded into the box's interior, which creates a protective barrier of cardboard with an internal void on either side of a product. 

Interior Four-Cell Partition 

If a folding carton box has an interior four-cell partition, it has either an insert or an integrated partition that can hold four items separately within the same box. This form of package insert is really beneficial for packages containing multiple items. For example, four bath bombs could be held independently in their own cells to prevent movement during transit that could cause the bath bombs to bust. The interior partition can offer more than four cells, obviously, as the partitions can be custom designed according to the business owner's needs. 

Tapered Side Panels 

Tapered side panels are used for products that may have a unique shape. The sides of the carton are tapered, so one face of the box is a bit smaller than the other or the footprint of the box is actually smaller than the top surface. Even though this kind of packaging is not necessarily a necessity, it can have an attractive flair because of its unique shape.

Sleeve for Carton Containment 

An outer sleeve for carton containment is often used when a packaged carton needs a bit more protection. For example, if a product is particularly at risk of theft, having an inner carton enclosed in a sleeve makes it harder to get to the product quickly, which can deter theft in a retail environment. 

Side-Locking Lid 

A side-locking lid on a folding carton has small tabs that slide into inserts along the sides of a box when the lid is closed. This simple design helps to keep the lid locked down firmly so it does not pop up during transit, and the side-lock design can be paired with a front tab that folds inward to lock the lid even further. 

For more information on using folding carton boxes for your products, talk to a packaging company in your area.