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3 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit During Winter

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After exhausting all the available storage space in your home, you may start to think about what you can do to store your possessions while still keeping your belongings organized. Even after investing in organizational solutions to optimize your usage of storage space, you may still be looking to increase total storage capacity to accommodate your family's wants and needs.

Renting a storage unit is an excellent solution, but you may be hesitant to do it during wintertime when there is snow and freezing temperatures to experience outside. Going in prepared will help you have a positive experience with a storage unit and storing all your belongings safely.


Picking up equipment or bringing things that you already have along for the ride when you go to the storage unit is important because it can help you with storing items. Trying to carry furniture or heavy boxes comes with some risk, especially when it has recently snowed and the ground is wet and slippery. To keep this from being a problem, you will want to use a furniture dolly and hand truck when applicable so that you can maneuver better from your car to the storage unit.

Even picking up anti-slip studded shoe covers is worth considering as this will give you confidence to store items even during snowfall. These covers will allow you to focus more on the belongings that you are storing as opposed to your feet and your traction while walking around.


While picking up and using equipment will help you with some of the storage unit experience, you should also consider how it will impact your items. For instance, trying to bring furniture and boxes into storage while it is raining or snowing could lead to problematic moisture buildup.

If these items are not dried off before leaving them in storage, they may start developing a mildew issue, which is something that can expand and become worse as time passes. Using tarp, furniture covers, and stretch wrap will help you avoid these weather-related complications.


When you are loading things into your car and putting them into storage, you do not want the cold, snow, or freezing rain to negatively affect your experience. This makes it important to pick up thick waterproof gloves with grip that will help you get a good grip on all your belongings.

Renting a self storage unit during winter is something that you can look forward to doing when you are willing to prepare in a few ways.