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An Executive Coach Can Help You If You Routinely Face These Situations

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While the people with whom you work can often provide help with your career, you shouldn't ever hesitate to turn to an outside source for assistance. While junior employees can often rely on senior staff members, those at the executive level might not have too many superiors of whom they can ask for guidance. In such a situation, an executive coach can be a trusted ally and a valuable asset as you attempt to further your career. Should you often find yourself in these situations, you should think about hiring an executive coach.

Poor Assistant Retention

Executives need assistants to help them in a variety of capacities, from scheduling meetings to arranging travel to even perusing resumes. If you find that you're having trouble keeping your assistants for long periods of time, it's possible that some of them have found better careers — but it's also possible that something you're doing is pushing them away. Consistently having to replace your assistants can be a time-consuming effort that gets in the way of productivity. An executive coach may be able to help you pinpoint what you're doing that is leading to this retention issue.

Limited Career Prospects

Even if you have a successful executive position within your company, you might constantly be looking to advance your career — either within your organization or perhaps at others. In the latter scenario, you could be frequently submitting resumes and not having any luck getting job interviews. Or, perhaps you're having lots of interviews, but aren't getting hired. When you meet with your executive coach on this topic, he or she can help you to identify the weaker parts of your resume and give you suggestions on how you can improve your career prospects.

Fear About Moving Forward

Conversely, you might never attempt to further your career, even if you're legitimately a valuable candidate. Even if you've made it to the executive level within your organization, it's easy to carry a high degree of fear about taking the next step. Perhaps you have self-esteem issues and tell yourself that you don't deserve your current position, much less something better. People can have all sorts of fears about taking chances in their careers, and such beliefs can be highly limiting. Sitting down with an executive coach gives you the opportunity to open up about what fears are getting in your way. Your coach will guide you through them to hopefully put them behind you.