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Four Things To Know Before Your Stay In A Houseboat

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If you will soon be renting or purchasing a house boat, you are probably very excited for this upcoming adventure. However, life in a house boat is not always what you'd expect. Here are four things you need to know before your stay begins.

1. Not all houseboats are huge.

You may have seen television shows where people have huge parties on house boats or rent one out to share with a big crowd. But while there are big house boats out there, you'll also find smaller ones if that is what you prefer. The tiny home movement has infiltrated the house boat movement, too -- so you can even find tiny houseboats that have just 200 or 300 square feet of living space.

2. House boats are not always steady.

When your house boat is docked, it is still on the water. So, it will not sit completely steady. This won't bother most people. Knowing that you are right near land will make you more comfortable when the boat does rock. However, if you get seasick easily, you may need to take anti-nausea medications when on the house boat -- even when it is docked.

3. You'll have a limited supply of water.

With water all around you, it may strange that your water supply is limited in a house boat. You can find boats with a tank you fill, and there are others fitted with filter system to remove salt and contaminants from the seawater before bringing it up to the sinks. In either case, however, it's important to conserve water. You may not be able to shower every day if you have multiple passengers on your boat, and you'll need to use the pressure valve to help keep the water forceful without using so much.

4. House boat communities are safe and friendly.

When you dock your boat, you can count on having friendly and helpful neighbors. The house boat community is a close-knit group of people. They will probably recognize that you are a newcomer, but they will be welcoming, and before long, you will feel like part of the crew. If you have any questions about living in and operating your house boat, feel free to ask other house boaters who you encounter. Most will be happy to help you out. 

House boating is an excellent adventure, and with the information above, you'll be prepared to embark soon.