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FAQs About Selecting Wine Glasses

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A wine glass is much more than a vessel from which you can drink. It can be used to enhance your wine drinking experience. Before buying new wine glasses, here is what you need to know:

Why Is the Wine Glass Important?

When you look at a wine glass, you see a bowl with a stem. However, a lot of thought goes into the design of the wine glass and for good reason. The glasses are designed to minimize the alcohol in the wine while maximizing the aromatics. They also are designed to give you more focus on the structure of the wine.

The glasses are also supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. How you view the glass and wine is a major part of the overall experience. If you do not find the design appealing, it could have a subconscious bearing on how you assess the wine.

Which Bowl Is Best?

Glass wine bowls are generally narrow or wide. The type of bowl you use depends largely on the wine you are drinking.

For instance, a narrow bowl is typically best for lighter wines. The narrow bowl helps to preserve the temperature of the wine and help bring out the subtle bouquet of the wine. The opening is small, but that allows you to tip the glass and direct the wine to the sides of your tongue, which is important in detecting sweeter flavors.

By contrast, a wider bowl will help with evaporation of the alcohol and heighten the aroma that is coming from the wine. The opening of the glass will be wide enough for you to get a closer sniff of the aroma. Wines, such as Cabernets and Merlots, benefit from this type of wine glass.

Is a Stem Necessary?

Wine drinkers have heavily debated whether a stem is necessary for a wine glass. Whether you should choose a stemless or stemmed wine glass is your choice, but it is important you understand the differences between the two.

A stemless glass is typically used in casual settings. For instance, a picnic is an ideal place to use it. The stemless glass is less effective at preserving the temperature of the wine and you can get the scent from your hands on the glass. This can impact how your nose detects the aroma of the wine.

A stemmed glass helps to preserve the temperature and protects the aroma. However, it is not necessarily the right choice in casual settings. Contact a company like Aura Glass for more information and assistance.