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Outfitting Your Concession Trailer For A State Or Local Fair

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State and local fairs offer concession vendors a great opportunity to attract new customers and make extra money. To pull off a successful state fair event, you'll want to make sure you have the right concession equipment, such as from CS Techs Inc, to keep customers satisfied and coming back for your products. Here are some items you may want to consider adding to your trailer before you head to your next fair.

Funnel Cake And Doughnut Fryers

Fried foods, particularly doughnuts and funnel cakes, can be popular menu items at a fair. You'll want to fry these sweet desserts in a separate fryer from the one you use for French fries and other savory foods. This will help to get the right flavor for all your fried menu items. Funnel cake and doughnut fryers typically come with a main fryer compartment for your hot oils, which is where you will cook your desserts.  They also feature drying racks that let some of the cooking oil drain off. The racks also make it easy for your staff to grab the completed products and serve them to your patrons.

Custom Signs

Attracting people to your concession trailer requires a bit of marketing, and one option is to have custom signs created for your concession trailer. These signs can be placed on top of the trailer for maximum visibility, or they can be placed all around the trailer so people can see your menu offerings no matter which direction the arrive from. Consider having signs printed with pictures of your signature items, such as deep-fried bananas or buffalo chicken sliders, so people can see exactly what they are getting when they come to your stand.

Exterior Counters

Giving customers a place where they can customize their menu items is one way to make your concession trailer more convenient. Consider adding exterior counters, which can fold down when not in use. This area can be used to hold condiments, napkins, and other essential items, or it can be used for a small dining area around your trailer. Be sure to situate the counters away from your order window to help keep the flow of customers moving throughout the day, and remember to have an employee wipe them down regularly to keep your space clean and inviting.

Disposable Food Containers

Fairs can see a lot of foot traffic, which means you may have a lot of customers. Be prepared by ordering extra disposable food containers for your trailer. Keep a stock of plates, napkins, and silverware available, and order any specialty containers you might need, such as ice cream cups or paper bakery bags. You can have these items custom-printed with your business name on them so patrons can identify your trailer at the next fair you attend.

Take the time to work through your fair menu, and then examine it to see if there is any additional equipment you might need for your trailer. With all the right items in place, you can help ensure a successful outing at every fair you sell at in the future.