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2 Tips For Making The Most Of The Space In Your Storage Unit

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While trying to fit your household furnishings and possessions inside your storage unit, you may wonder how you can organize everything to make it fit just right. If so, use the following three tips for making the most out of the space inside your storage unit.

Line the Walls with Bookcases, Shelves, and Drawers

When trying to organize your household items, take advantage of storage that you already own. Examples of storage that you may already own include bookcases, shelving units, and drawer.

Instead of boxing up your books and trying to find a place to stack the heavy parcels, place your bookcases on one side of the storage unit. Then, stack either the boxes or the books themselves on the shelves.

If you have shelving units that came out of your garage, you can also use these to hold any boxes. You can also keep your tools organized and within reach by placing the shelving units along the walls closest to the door.

If you have several chests of drawers, you can use the drawers to place items that you do not want to box up. Items such as collectibles or fragile glassware could get broken in the boxes. Instead, wrap them with pieces of your wardrobe and carefully place them in the drawers.

Think about Vertical Placement

Once you have organized existing shelving options along the walls, it is time to think about how you will store the rest of your stuff. When planning on where to place everything, do not only think about how things will fit along the floor. You should also think about the vertical placement of items.

For example, if you have light boxes of clothes, linens, or other nonbreakable items, you can stack them as high as the unit's ceiling to save space. Try to do this in a corner so that you have two walls holding up the tower of boxes.

Or, if you have a long, sturdy couch that can withstand the pressure of its own weight, set it up on one of its ends and lean it against the wall. Then, place heavier furniture or boxes to keep it propped up.

Using the above tips can help you make the most of the space inside your storage unit so that you can fit all of your household possessions. If you need further tips or help with selecting the right storage unit size for your needs, contact a storage facility, such as U-Stor-It, to speak to a representative who can give you additional information.