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3 Interesting Places To Find Prospective Water Treatment Customers

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Hard water, city-supplied water with high levels of chlorine, well water with a funky smell–all of these are reasons why water treatment and water filtration systems should be easy to sell. There is a pain point and it is easy to market to prospective consumers. However, if you only limit your marketing efforts toward residential sales, you may find as someone in this business that eventually you will hit a standstill with sales volume. Because of this, it is best to broaden your horizons and scope out other prospective clients. Check out these three interesting places to find new water treatment sales leads:

Pool and Spa Installation Companies

Pretty much any pool or spa contractor will tell you that water quality is a really big deal. However, not all of them offer water treatment or filtration systems to their customers during the installation process simply because of lack of available resources. It is well worth your time in this business to stop at pool and spa installation companies to provide them with documentation on the types of systems you have and explain how each could be beneficial to their end customers. You could potentially foster a new business relationship by doing so that lands you with a lot of new sales leads. 

Laundry Service Centers 

It is no big secret that hard water can be a huge problem for residential customers because it takes a toll on their appliances. But imagine what happens when a building is filled with working appliances that rely on water? This is exactly what a laundry service has, which means problems with hard water can actually be a threat to the livelihood of their business. By offering laundry business owners the simple solution of a water softener, you could actually be prolonging the life of the equipment that makes their business what it is. Therefore, a water treatment system could easily be considered an investment in equipment protection. 

Restaurants and Food Service Facilities 

Did you know that the quality of water used for food preparation can affect everything from the taste of food to its appearance? This is a new pain point you can lay before restaurants and food service business prospects when selling them on the idea of water treatment. Chances are, the idea that their end product could be more appealing to customers just with the installation of water treatment or filtration equipment will be enough for you to make a sale. 

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