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Promotional Products For Trade Shows: Three Ideas To Make Your Business Memorable

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Trade show exhibitors provide promotional products to help get people excited about new products or services, and they offer a great way to make your business memorable. However, you want your promotional items to resonate with potential clients or buyers. Instead of just opting for pens or magnets with your business name, consider these giveaways that can help people to remember you when they leave the trade show.

Tote Bags

People will need a place to stash all of the promotional products they receive at the trade show, and giving out custom-printed tote bags is a great way to do just that. Consider large canvas bags with your business name and logo, and be sure to pre-fill each bag with your business cards, brochures, or other items informing people of what your company has to offer. You can take this idea one step further by giving people who have shown particular interest in your business a custom-printed duffel bag or backpack.

Custom Snack Bags

The cost of refreshments at some trade show centers can be expensive, and you can save your potential clients a bit of money by offering custom snack bags. Consider investing in reusable insulated lunch bags, and have them printed with your business name or the name of your latest product. Fill the bag with a small water bottle, which should have a custom label with your business logo, along with energy bars, mints, and other small snack items. As with the tote bags, be sure to stash a few business cards in the lunch bags. Your visitors will get an instant snack kit and a lunch bag they can bring to their office everyday, which helps other people to see your business name too.

Custom Power Banks

Keep your potential clients or buyers connected while at the trade show with custom power banks. These portable sources of power can be used to recharge phones or tablet devices, which means visitors can spend more time lingering in your exhibit booth without worry about low battery signals. Have your name and logo printed on the power banks, and consider coordinating giveaway items, such as phone holders or cases, to create a smartphone accessory gift pack.

The key to finding the right promotional gifts is to determine what people might need while they are at the trade show. This can help people to remember the companies that were thoughtful enough to anticipate those needs and take steps to meet them. To learn more about your options for promotional products, contact companies like Keeton's Office Supply.