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3 Rules To Implement At The Office To Prolong The Life Of Your Copier

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There are a lot of pieces of equipment in the average office that make it a functional space and the copy machine is definitely one of them. When the copier goes down for maintenance issues or you have to wait for a replacement, it can totally interrupt the daily flow of your work and production. Therefore, keeping your copier up and running without problems for as long as possible is always going to be important. Even though you and your office staff probably know the usual maintenance rules and usage practices, there still could be things you do every day that could lead to problems. Check out these three rules to implement at your office business to get the most from your copier. 

Never overload the paper tray of your copy machine. 

Your copy machine's paper tray usually has a recommended fill line that you should follow when you insert more paper and this should always be closely adhered to. If you consistently stuff more paper in the tray than the copier is supposed to hold, it will make it more likely that you will have problems with paper jams, which can be hard on the system. Make sure you let your employees know that refilling the paper must be done in a precise way without going over the fill line. 

Only buy high quality toner cartridges made for your machine. 

Skimping and opting for the lower quality toner cartridges for your copier can be a really bad idea even though you may occasionally do this to save money. In the event that the toner cartridge breaks open in the copier, it can mean costly repairs and irreversible damage. Plus, low-quality toner and ink can cake up inside of the copy machine's print heads and cause a need for them to be opened up and cleaned more often. 

Never use the copier when it is obviously having problems. 

The minute your copy machine starts to show that it is having issues, it is important that you shut the machine down and prevent teh office staff from continuing to try and use it. If you use a copier when it is already having issues, you are ikely to exascurbate the problem and taht can lead to longer down times for repairs. So whether it is a problem with a paper jam, toner, or feeder, shut down the machine and get in touch with maintenance right away. 

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