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Tired Of Raking Leaves? Rent An Air Compressor And Make A Leaf Blower!

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Raking leaves out of large yards can be a major headache that most people want to avoid. Thankfully, it is possible to rent an air compressor from a place like Wirtz Rentals CO and use it as a leaf blower. In this way, a person can more quickly and efficiently clean their lawn.

Raking Can Take Hours

Raking leaves is an important way of improving the aesthetic appearance of a lawn and keeping it in great shape. When leaves are removed from a lawn, they won't rot and cause problems with the health of grass. While it is true that rotting leaves may make good compost, a heavy cover of rotting leaves is more likely to seriously damage a lawn than help it.

The cheapest solution to this problem is to rake up all the leaves in a yard. However, those with a large yard may not have the time, patience, or energy to rake up all those leaves. That's when it is a good idea to rent an air compressor and turn it into a simple little leaf blower.

Air Compressors Can Work As Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are a great choice for someone who needs to clean up leaves regularly. However, these devices have limited appeal beyond the initial leaf cleaning season and are often an expensive luxury. As a result, it isn't a bad idea for someone to understand how to convert an air compressor into a type of DIY leaf blower.

However, air compressor hoses can be fit with a wide range of tools that let them serve a variety of purposes. As a result, a skillful wielder of an air compressor can use it as a makeshift leaf blower. Anyone interested in this process should consider renting, rather than buying, one as a way of saving money.

Renting Is Much Cheaper

While it is possible to purchase a fairly powerful air compressor for as low as $250, larger compressors will cost thousands of dollars. To get the kind of air that is necessary for cleaning a whole lawn, a person is likely to need a fairly large compressor, including one that can blow at least 7-10 horsepower. Those who will have little need for an air compressor beyond seasonal leaf blowing likely can't afford the thousands of dollars necessary to buy one.

That's where renting comes in handy. Instead of buying a bulky (if powerful) air compressor, a person can rent them for the afternoon. For a fraction of the purchase price, they can spend an afternoon blowing their leaves, collecting them in piles, and picking them up with rakes. It is the kind of investment that is an easy decision to make.