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A Few Tips For Buying And Using Topsoil

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If your property is mostly hard clay or fine sand, you may have difficulty growing lush plants and flowers. Your lawn may even look sparse and unhealthy. The solution could be to buy topsoil and add it to areas where you want to grow strong healthy plants. Here are some things to know about buying topsoil for your outdoor projects.

Buying Bags Or Bulk

You can buy bags of topsoil at a garden center or you can buy it in bulk and have it delivered to your property. Even if you buy it in bulk, you don't always have to buy a huge amount of soil. Bulk topsoil is usually more convenient since you don't have to haul heavy bags around. Buying in bulk is usually cheaper too. The problem with bulk delivery is that you have a big pile of soil sitting on your property that may take you a few weekends to work through. One advantage of bagged topsoil is it usually has amendments already added so it is ready to use. When you buy topsoil in bulk, you'll probably need to add fertilizer and compost yourself.

Choosing Type Of Delivery

If you need a large amount of topsoil, then bulk delivery is the sensible option. You can have standard delivery where the soil is dumped in your front yard or driveway with a dump truck. You might also be able to purchase special delivery where the soil is transported to your backyard or other location where you need it. The delivery service may be able to use a smaller garden tractor to haul and dump small amounts in various locations in your yard so you aren't faced with the huge job of moving soil with a wheelbarrow. If you're buying topsoil for new sod, the delivery company may even spread the soil for you. These extra services cost more, but they may be worth it if you want to speed up the process of putting in your new sod or garden.

Buying Quality Topsoil

It's a good idea to go to the landscaping company to view the topsoil before you buy it. Dark soil has a reputation for being rich and fertile, but you don't want to buy according to color alone. Topsoil can be composed of about anything since it is simply the top layer of soil that has been removed from somewhere else. If you're using it for fill dirt, the quality of the soil doesn't matter as much as it does when you want to grow lush plants. Look for a dark color since this indicates an abundance of decaying organic matter. Also, the soil should feel somewhat gritty since this is a sign of minerals in the soil.

Using The Topsoil

When you're ready to use the topsoil, you should mix it in with the soil already present to encourage deep root growth. Do this by creating a transitional layer between your current soil and the new topsoil. Use a tiller to break up your soil, add some topsoil, and then till them together. After that, you can spread the topsoil over the surface. It's also a good idea to have the soil tested so you know what kind of amendments to add for the type of plants you want to grow. Don't assume your soil will be rich, fertile, and ready to go on its own.

You'll have a much easier time growing beautiful flowers and lush plants when your soil is healthy and full of the right nutrients. New topsoil is easier to dig, water, and work with when compared to compacted clay and loose sand. Paying for new soil could mean the difference between a yard full of scraggly plants and weeds to a having a lawn and yard your neighbors envy.